22 major applications ipad for college students (5 awesome games)

Last updated August 14, 2013

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At some point during my last semester in college, I decided it would be nice to buy one of those new ones.

Besides, at some point last semester, I thought it would be a good idea.

This is an iPad Mini ..

To be candid (ha.haha.), me.

Mini, however, is perfect. From screen 7.9 “ and with.

There’s one, too.

Since many applications have been siphon how to find the best for college students?.

Well, it’s one humble man trying to do it. Here’s mine.

In my tests, I found that Clover was faster and more stable than the official app. I’m a fan of the way he’s organized. The tricky is acting a little more like Evernote, and since I’ve been spending it.

The Shift also allows you to create links to notes, which is a pretty convenient feature if you want to associate with the notes you created or to share with another …

The drawing of applications on the iPad is a dozen, and at the top there are several applications always living under the name “The best drawing application”. Well, yes.The paper differs from the others because of it.

If you want to keep the latest news in the news.

You will not find every blog on Flipboard-.

While “Smart HD” is a great way to take notes of the class and bring them to your Evernote account, I think that Evernote is not the best platform for.

When I need to sit down and write a huge article, I like to do this in a context of abstract life …

A pair of this application with.

Skitch allows you to annotate pictures, PDF documents, web pages, maps, or simply draw pictures. Since it integrates with Evernote, it is a fantastic tool for visual notes in a class that cannot be created using the keyboard ..

You can also annotate pictures and share them with friends, so this is a great application for group projects ..

If you are a student of Com Sci-or simply someone in the coding, web development, etc. d.-and you want to use your iPad regularly, you probably want to drop $9 needed to get your hands.

This application is not just a code editor for iPads.

Texatic supports FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and Dropbox so you can edit your code regardless of where it is. The application quickly gives you lots of color controls, fonts, and other syntax functions, and allows you to use your own TextMate syntax definitions if the 80th type of file it supports is not enough ..

The code on the screenshot above is my own, and I’m fine by editing it with Texatic. If you want the code on the iPad, get it …

I’ll put it straight. No matter what device you have-iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, anything-

Dropbox allows you to back up all files and synchronize them with each device, as well as the cloud.

Forgot to print a huge project, and you’re already in class? Log on to the Dropbox site on the school computer, download it, and.

Safari browser on iPad is decent, but I prefer to use.

How Chrome is my main browser on my computers, using it on my iPad and iPhone comes with several advantages. All my bookmarks are synchronized with each device, so I can move quickly over the network. I also like to use an Omnibar, which greatly facilitates the search on the Internet ..

Chrome also has the function “Send to Mobile”, which allows you to send the page you are viewing on your computer, on your iPad or iPhone to read to go ..

What a coincidence!If you are juggling with a large number of projects, Trello might be more advantageous to you than a simpler task manager, for example.

The reason I prefer the iBooks is that it tries to provide more “real” reading experience. Your books are organized on a beautiful wooden shelf, instead of just swimming on the screen. The application also has.

In addition to being able to read books from Apple’s built-in store, you can also upload any ePub and PDF files that you have on the reader. I’ll just turn on the option to share Web pages in.

In college, we get ridiculous readings that were thrown into our paws. You ever want to get through this faster? (no gaps).

Well, the answer is simple: just teach yourself the speed to read. You can do this on an iPad.

It is a simple application that allows you to get articles from several sources-Instapper, Pocket, several large blogs and news sources-or you can simply draw content from any webpage by dialling at

After you have received your source, you set the read speed setting and then the ReadQuick read the article on you, word-word. By adjusting the word settings per minute, you can control how quickly the words appear before your eyes …

Over time, you will be able to lean on faster and faster speeds. This will train you to read faster-even if you are not using the application ..

If you want to get a more fully featured application to read speed, check it out.

In fact, Anki is the best application to learn a lot of facts. He’s using.

After you have created your own USB flash cards (or imports.

I use Anka for mine every day.

Although this is related to the cost of the application.

It’s worth it to me …

I used to talk about.

As soon as you download the course, you will often receive a complete tutorial, reading materials, videos, presentations, and more ..

I will be the first to admit this: I am not a very good cook …

Well, to be more specific, I’m not.

From there you can install your iPad in the kitchen and get to work. Paprika even includes a shopping list feature, so you can go into the store and make sure you get everything you need for a specific recipe ..

Unlike Spotify, Rdio gives you the opportunity to add songs and albums from its catalogue to.

The application is also perfectly designed and delivered from the hilt.

Note that the use of Rdio applications requires you to subscribe to a membership fee of $10 /month (same as Spotify) ..

You ever go to class and suddenly remember that you have to imagine this day-and you forgot to make your slides?

Of course not, you’re a star. I’ve done this before. And I remember how desperate I clicked on Powerpoint, trying to finish my slides a few seconds before I had to introduce …

If you need to make a full, beautiful presentation quickly,

This application allows you to view and view a huge number of beautiful photos of Creative Commons. When you found those who you like, you can build a great presentation using them …

Then you can easily export the presentation to the Powerpoint format or download it to the Haiku Deck ..

Many applications for photo editing are available on the iPad.

This free application has a wonderful set of tools that allow you to easily perform common tasks for editing photos, so you can quickly snap and edit something without great effort …

If you are looking for something more complete, Adobe is also released.

Having a well-preserved Twitter account is, in my opinion, an integral part of a.

Like applications for photo editing, iPad is full of Twitter clients. However, I believe.

The IPad of the tweet application has the same visual style as the fantastic original for the iPhone, and contains all the same wonderful features ..

Mint allows you to keep track of all your reviews and savings accounts, investment, property values, credit balances, and much more. This makes it easier to manage multiple accounts, which is good for those of us who keep our money from one pot to create.

If you don’t use it, I highly recommend it.

An iPad mint application is a great compliment to the Web site, and it prompts me to check my balances and transaction logs more frequently. The application also contains useful graphs and illustrates your habits of expenditure ..

There are times when I’m on fire, working like a madman for a few hours. Time when words just pour my fingertips and literally.

And in that case, there is a time when it is.

For all of these unproductive mindsets.

30 /30 is my external motivator for me.

Like other learning apps for iOS, Learn Japanese is built around several language games that each time you test in different areas of your training …

After learning the words in your current lesson, you will play games that test your ability to quickly remember words, properly glue them, match the word kanji, kana spelling and pronunciation, and more ..

This app will not teach you Japanese, but that.

In a few weeks, my bookshelf filled out books on astronomy, biology, chemistry, psychology, and more. Besides, I started.

If you were using your iPad only for training and performance … things-you wouldn’t miss it. Apple is also a very capable gaming device, and there are lots of games that are just waiting to take what’s left of you and rip it apart …

There’s five of my favorites …

The iPad is even better. World of Goo is a game that is quite a tailor for the sensory interface, and the translation from the PC to the iPad was made flawlessly. It’s supposed to be a play …

Simply put, this is a puzzle. In the main game you draw lines to match as much of the same tile as possible, using your limited amount of moves to collect as many resources as possible ..

You use the resources you collect to build an ever-expanding city … then the city … then the kingdom …

The game is really simple-but it’s a great game when not so much is happening. To be honest, it’s a game you can play for now.Your goal in the game is simple:

The sensor interface allows you to zoom in, change the view, and manipulate the box so that it is not possible with the controller. This is the experience that should be …

In addition, the game in a very rutting atmosphere and mysterious history will only add its value …

If you’re looking.

However, this is one of the most jovial runners I’ve ever played …

There’s a guy in his core dressed up in jetpack that tries to get as far back as possible to the lab. All you do is touch the screen to get it to go up, and let it go so that it falls …

Add to many power solutions, gadgets, vehicles and problems, and the game becomes a hellcat. It’s almost like a dependency on …

I am not kidding when I say that almost everyone who trains in Japan is playing.The puzzle and the Dragons are probably mine.In fact, the game is a blend.

The puzzle aspect is a little deeper than Bejeweled, however, because you will not just switch to two orbits. Instead, you move one, as you want, about three seconds. The relocation of orb will switch the place of each other orb to its own path, and quickly becomes necessary to move many orb to a place to create huge combs ..

The monster collection in the game is

So, you have these-22 apps and 5 games to be on your iPad …

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